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The Athlete’s Foot is more than just a retail store; it’s a destination for athletic street style. At TAF, we want to be known for encouraging our customers to break the rules and explore the unexpected. So we’re transforming into a place with a pulse on the street that offers them the chance to craft their own story through clothing and style.

We are a heritage brand rooted in American sneaker culture. Our founders, Robert and David Lando, opened the first TAF store in 1971 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Athlete’s Foot was new and bold: the first athletic specialty store of its kind.

Today, TAF is represented around the globe. We do more than sell athletic gear: we curate items that celebrate an active lifestyle. We are community-driven, locally relevant, and globally known. We are The Athlete’s Foot.

Our vision is to create a world where everyone is proud to be themselves, where people wear their identities proudly. On every court and every street, we’ll be there alongside the players and the dreamers. We’re shaking up the world of street style. We are TAF. We dare to play.

The Athlete’s Foot is the athletic street style destination, rooted in the local community, offering an inspiring storytelling experience.